Lukas Flad

Juggles with Words and Graphics.

Moin Moin

My name is Lukas and welcome to my page. It doesn't matter how you found it because now you're here and I invite you to stay a little while. This place isn't that bad.
Who I am? Well, I'm just a creative mind with an obsession for juggling with words and graphic works. If you want to know more just visit the About page.
This website offers a little insight into my creative projects (photographs, graphic designs and drawings). However, if you want to visit my other projects, the next links are perfect for you - unless you can't speak German; if that's the case just stick to the things mentioned above. 
I have a little Blog. Furthermore, I'm the host of a radio show on TheRadio.CC, a creative commons online-station. And I also produce audio books.
And, because we live in the 21st century, I even have Twitter and Instagram. And, if you are interested, check out my LinkedIn page; and for the German speakers my Xing profile.
Thanks for reading.
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